Beyond Monitors


Welcome to the D93 2021 Annual Conference!

Beyond Leadership


2021 컨퍼런스 의장 

Scott Kines, EC5 

스캇 카인즈

Chair, 2021 District 93 Conference

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to this year’s D93 Conference! I’m very proud of my team’s collaboration to unveil the vision ~ Beyond! We knew we wanted to design a conference where our members and guests could take their current skillset and go ‘Beyond’. What does ‘Beyond’ mean to you? Whatever it might mean, let’s go there together!

Beyond Speeches


컨퍼런스 기조연사

Daniel Rex

CEO, Toastmasters International 

데니얼 렉스

Keynote Speaker, 2021 District 93 Conference

Toastmasters offers many leadership development opportunities and this year is not an exception. I challenge you to, look for those who are currently serving, speak with them, ask them to share their stories with you, and talk to them about how you can contribute.

Beyond Conference


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