July 10 / Club Officer Training(COT)

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2021-2022 1st-round
Division B & D Joint Club Officer Training


Role Breakouts
PPT Download & Video

President 1: Taeryeon Jung

President 2: Katie Moon

VP Education 1: Dana Kim & Sean Jung
VP Education 2: Stella Yang
VP Membership 1: Lucy Lee
VP Membership 2: Ace Youm
VP Public Relations: Lizaveta Gotina
Secretary: Fred Park
Treasurer: Duckhyun Lee
Sergeant at Arms: Jisang Park

Networking: Taewoo Lee & Hayeon Kim

VP Membership 1: Lucy Lee
Networking: Taewoo Lee & Hayeon Kim
VP Public Relations: Lizaveta Gotina
General Sessions
PPT Download & Video

Toastmasters Introduction: Anna Hyeyoung Lee

Making Our Club Distinguished: Hayeon Kim

Beyond Our Club & 1:N Mentoring: Soonja Sonia Kim
Quality Club and Member Engagement: Dohyeong Kim

Toastmasters Introduction
Making Our Club Distinguished
Role Breakouts - President: Katie Moon
Marketing, PR, and Guest Engagement (Panel Discussion)
Quality Club and Member Engagement


Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual,
we work together to bring out the best in each of us and then we apply these skills to help others.
Ralph Smedley